From left to right, Ela, Zeynep Duru, Gül and Bahar enjoying a recording of the march

My work is versatile and sometimes I have difficulty keeping up with the scope. But things happen somehow. I have recently composed a march to mark the 100th year of the establishment of the Turkish Parliement, a day dedicated to children by the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Every 23 April this very special day is observed throughout Turkey. This was a project done for a private school. The lyrics came in bits and pieces from the students. We made a pilot recording with my harp students who enjoyed being in a professional recording studio for the first time in their lives. And not for playing, but for singing!

Harpist Pelin Arman gave a performance on February 22, 2020 while my sister, the wonderful art historian, Oya Pancaroğu talked about “Newrooz” much to everyone’s delight.

Back in Istanbul, I have been involved in expanding the activities of our harp association with a great team recently. We have joined forces to host an event we called “Coffee Conversations with Harp” (Arplı Kahve Sohbetleri) on Saturday mornings once a month. We have a guest speaker and a harpist and munchies of course! The harp performance punctuates the conversation, so the focus goes from a narrative to music. Lovely pair I have to say. The guest speakers are invited from a wide range of fields. We have had two editions of this new event which were thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. We will host four more events before the summer and then go on a little break.

Educational concert in Selçuk with Bora and Tolga

The Müştemilat Company Project I had been a part of with six solo concerts and educational events between October-December 2019, is rolling again as of February 1st. I am joined by longtime musical partner, singer and composer Bora Uymaz and clarinetist Tolga Akşit for a six-concert series until June. The project takes us to rural Aegean where before each concert we put on an educational event as well.

As of March I will be starting a series of educational events to take place monthly in Istanbul. “Harp Technique and Repertoire” as well as “Performance Techniques”, the latter targeting all instrumentalists.

And to finish off what I have been up to recently, here is a glimpse of the trio concert on February 14, in Çeşme.