Şirin Pancaroğlu

Hasret Bağı

My first album “A String of Longing” presents a collection of pieces which are a strong testimony to the musical capabilieties of the harp. In this solo album, I gathered twelve renowned composers from six different countries encompassing three centuries of musical styles and traditions to show the instrument’s versatility and expressive potential. Posse’s virtuosity, Ginastera’s transparency, Debussy ethreal’s figurations and Dirie’s kaleidoscopic idioms are all projected naturally through the evocative voice of the harp. Works by Scarlatti, Couperin, Posse, Handel, Ginastera, Piazzolla, Glinka, Salzedo, Albeniz, Faure, Debussy and Dirie. 1988, Kalan Müzik.

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