İstanbul’un Ses Telleri

What do Turkish composers of today hear and feel when listening to Istanbul’s deep geography of sounds? What do they compose thinking of Istanbul? Those were the questions which shaped the “Istanbul and Harp” project which is embodied in the recording titled Istanbul’un Ses Telleri (Harmonies of Istanbul) in celebration of the city’s 2010 role as the capital of culture of Europe.


Utku Dervent’in objektifinden İstanbul ve “Güvercinler”i…

Collaborative efforts between performers and composers are, without a doubt, a major force in the emergence of new music. This project was conceived within the Association for the Art of the Harp and funded by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency . It is centered around the harp surrounded by companions such as the kemençe, viola, ud, doublebass, kanun and flute. The works were commissioned to Hasan Uçarsu, Özkan Manav, Turgay Erdener, Arda Agoşyan and Barış Perker. Halit Turgay, Derya Türkan, Yurdal Tokcan, Evrim Baştaş, Arda Agoşyan and Tahir Aydoğdu participated with their performances.The recording was released on the Kalan label in 2010. Ateş Orga contributed a wonderful essay to the CD booklet and Utku Dervent drew his camera onto Istanbul to enrich both the release concert and the project all together.

Works in the album:


“Güvercinler” for solo harp / Özkan Manav

“Sabah Sabah” for flute, viola and harp / Mahir Çetiz

“Issız Çocuklar” for flute and harp / Hasan Uçarsu

“Yerebatan” for kemençe, double bass and harp / Arda Ardaşes Agoşyan

“Yedi Resimle İstanbul” for solo harp / Barış Perker

“İstanbul’un Ağaçları” for kemençe, ud, kanun and harp / Turgay Erdener

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