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Caught in Action

My latest activities

The Shape of Music Today

Here is the ongoing adventures of a dessert that made its way into music, much to everyone's delight

Talking about the Müştemilat Project

A little interview about my musical journeys in rural Aegean with the Müştemilat Kumpanya Project

Remembering Ayla Eryüksel

My own eulogy to Ayla Eryüksel, the Turkish fashion designer who dressed me for the last 17 years

Concert at the 1st Global Refugee Forum, Geneva

Performance at the Global Refugee Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

Setting up stage in Villages

The new project I am a part of "Müştemilat Kumpanya" is very different from anything else I have done so far. Here is...

Performing in Villages and Small Towns

I am overjoyed to be part of a new project titled “Müştemilat Kumpanya” that consists of six concerts in villages and small towns...

Teaching at the Conservatory in Izmir

I have recently started teaching at the Dokuz Eylul UNiversity State Conservatory in Izmir, Turkey. Here is a glimpse of this new chapter...

Thinking on Life with Music – Part 1

My life with music...the first of a series on this topic

New CD Release

My twelfth CD is now released. It is Ottoman relaxation music, made on measurement to the largest of all Turkish hamams (bath), the...

My New Editions Released

My editions of Bora Uymaz' harp music are now published

Slovenian Delight

My wonderful colleague Prof Bernatovic and souvenirs from Slovenian masterclass in January 2018