Elişi Concerts-November 2014


from left to right Volkan Ergen, Meriç Dönük, Bora Uymaz, myself Mete Aslan

Two Elişi concerts took place in November in Istanbul. This project which initiated in 2011 with an album is evolving with every person taking part in it. Ud player Mete Aslan has joined the team recently. The blend of the harps with the ud is so beautiful! In November we gave two more concerts…the first of the two was at the Istanbul Kültür University as part of the Atatürk week events. We included some of Atarürk’s favorite songs as well as new music by Bora who is the vocalist of our group and a very fine composer. We had a lovely audience who ended up singing along with us at the end. Thank you Ece Idil, the director of the series there for making this possible.

We followed last night with a concert at the Altunizade Cultural Center…this time with no vocalist. We played this concert on our Starfish lever harps. I love this harp and 2014 has turned out to be the year where I really got going playing lever harp…which is very different from playing pedal harp! I feel it is so rewarding to acquire new skills at every age. That tiny harp taught me that for good.


Volkan, Meriç, myself and Mete

In Altunizade we played music by Bora who was absent but somehow there too through his music. Thank you Bora, Mete, Meriç and Volkan! You are greatç And the center looks very nice now with its new decoration and better backstage…Lovely audience too. Enjoyed meeting all of them afterwards and sign some Elisi CD’s.


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