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The Value of Music

I was recently invited to an attorney's office, looking at manuscripts of a Turkish composer who died in 1924 and was asked about...

Masterclass of Traditional Turkish Music

For harpists wanting to expand their repertoire for lever harp I have recorded three masterclasses of Turkish music on Check it out...

New Home

I have moved to Urla, Izmir with my family late August 2017.

A Pic with A Story

I was back in the studio for a new pic. This time, an image I wanted to tell a story with.

A Çeng Reborn at Ardival Harps

The Ottoman çeng was reborn in Scotland. Here is its story.

Latest journeys: Iran, Hungary, France and more…

Lately, my work took me to Iran, Hungary, Izmir, France and Ankara

Family History, Develi Part 2

Onwards with Develi, a town in central Anatolia where dad originates from. This time an account of its culinary delights!

Making of New Çeng in Need of Funding

My last çeng, the third prototype with which I have recorded "Çengnağme" album has collapsed. A new çeng will be made by a...

Family History, Develi-part 1

I am in the process of discovering family roots, in this case a short trip to Develi, the central Anatolian town where my...

Brief Portrait of a Master

A saturday morning spent in the workshop of the legendary instrument maker, Paki Öktem

Performing in Cappadocia

I returned to Cappadocia after 25 years on the occasion of Cappadox Festival

Drinking from the Fountains of History

Bits and pieces from the Singapore and China tour April 2016.