Yolda / On the Road

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from left to right myself, Bora, Mehmet ve Meriç

Recently I was part of musical project which marks the 50th year of the Turkish immigration from the city of Emirdag to Belgium. A group of Belgian and Turkish musicians gathered by Wim Wabbes from Gent.. we met in Izmir and started playing together. We were 6 musicians and a filmmaker…Bora, Mehmet, Meric, Mathjis, Matthias and Dirk. We decided on repertoire with the theme of migration. Famous türküs such as Uzun ince bir yoldayım…and the instrumental favorite Kervan were chosen. Among others we also included two songs from Emirdag: Al Fadimem and Zalım Poyraz. Meriç and Mehmet along with Dirk and Matthias then moved onto Istanbul from where they followed a journey such as the immigrants, by train this time…via Bucharest, Budapest, Stuttgart and then finally  arrived in Gent! Bora and I joined them in Gent where we performed a concert on November 9th at the De Centrale. A documentary was made by Mathjis of this journey. Many thanks to all who made this emotional project possible. And more concerts to come I hope in the future. Music travels like our souls. It is also migrant.


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