Masterclass in Gümüşlük, Turkey

My teaching experience extends from elementary, middle & high school to college levels. I teach mostly pedal harp but also lever harp for the beginner and intermediate levels. I believe teaching each student in a unique way and sharing the knowledge passed onto me by amazing harpists such as Susann McDonald, Pierre Jamet, Frederique Cambreling, Notburga Puskas and Catherine Eisenhoffer. My greatest aim is to build self-learning in students. This is when a student becomes a harpist, an artist, who is absolutely ready to build his/her musical personality I believe.

I started to teach harp at a very early age, encouraged by my teacher in Geneva, Catherine Eisenhoffer. I was 15 years old. My first institutional teaching was at an elementary level in Switzerland as early as 1986 at the Institut de Willems de la Côte, Switzerland.  Later, I was an assistant instructor between 1989-1999 at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where I taught Orchestral Harp Repertoire & Harp Ensemble at college and graduate levels; Elective Harp for non-majors.

Sharing career thoughts at Project Jumpstart lunch, Indiana University School of Music

From 2000-2006 I served as a lecturer at Yildiz Technical University School of Art and Design in a tenured track position. In addition to harp, I taught chamber music and instrumental pedagogy, conceived and taught “Performance Techniques”, a classroom course intended for all instrumentalists, focusing on the skills musicians need to master from the practice room to the stage. Wanting to fully engage in performance opportunities without the bureaucratic obstacles the position presented, I resigned.

Between 2004-2008 I pioneered the first lever harp instruction program in Turkey. I connected a local musical equipment business with makers in Europe to make these instruments available in retail and helped to set up a rent-to-own program in order to develop a wider interest in the harp. The use of lever harps in the big Turkish cities has significantly increased since then.

Here is a glimpse of  the Turkish Tunes Course I taught at Edinburgh International Harp Festival in 2016:

I maintained a private studio from 2006 to 2011 in Istanbul. I taught masterclasses and workshops in Japan, Slovenia, Serbia, Singapore, Kosovo, Malaysia, the UK, the USA and Iran since 2001 and adjucated international harp competitions in Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Germany over the years. In addition, I conducted workshops of traditional Turkish music for harpists in Singapore, Malaysia and UK starting.

Jury of Szeged International Harp Competition, Hungary

In 2018, I have been invited to teach as a part-time lecturer at the Dokuz Eylul University Izmir State Conservatory harp department. Currently, I maintain a private harp studio and also teach online.