New çeng made and a new recording completed

IMG-20170110-WA0029It is done. Graham Muir from Ardival Harps has completed the next çeng I will land my hands on. I hope to be travelling to Scotland in February 2017 to visit Ardival Harps and pick-up the harp, and who knows maybe teach a workshop. I will be writing more about the whole story in my blog, featuring an interview with Graham on the building process. And I will for sure play a piece and make a video. This all was made possible with the support two chapters of the Rotary club in Istanbul. Stay tuned…

20161219_125004While the çeng was being made I finished a new recording. This should stay as a surprise as the recprding is not yet released but I can say this much: it deals with historical music and new visions twisted around it and it is inspired by the Turkish bath tradition. To be a bit more specific  the most fantastic of all “hamams” by the greatest Turkish architect of all times, Mimar Sinan. I travelled twice to Izmir to complete the recording…making those last two months already packed with travel even more on the go.


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