The Sunday Harp at Adahan


“The Sunday Harp at Adahan” is a fundraising event to benefit the Association for the Art of the Harp. Consisting of six concerts to take place at Adahan, a historic hotel in the famous Pera neighborhood of Istanbul, the funds will be used for a specific project the Association for the Art of the Harp has on its agenda. It has agreed with a harp music publisher based in the UK to publish a progressive Turkish Music method in two volumes to introduce Turkish music to worldwide harpists. It has been brought to the attention that such a publication would respond to a need in the repertoire of harp music. The first volume will be written for lever harp, while the second voume will be prepared for pedal harp. The publication dates are January 2017 for volume 1 and January 2018 for volume II.

the-sunday-harp-2The publication will be followed by an online release of all the repertoire contained in the method in the form of video lessons which will be made available at a very low cost to harpists everywhere on a digital harp education platform. A new computer, software, video equipment, two lever harps and a çeng are needed for this project. Musicians wo are taking place in the concerts are performing volunteers, Adahan has kindly made its beauatiful spaces available for the concerts to take place in addition to providing accomodation for the musicians. ETS is offering local transport of musicians and harps. Rotary is supporting the distribution of invitations and good news, a contribution will be made towards the fight against child polio as well, in which Rotary is involved.

I was very happy to make the program of this wonderful series in which I am playing 5 out of six concerts and very happy and grateful to my great colleagues Bora Uymaz, Mete Aslan, Ayşe Sezerman, Elif Yurdakul, Eva Tomsic, Reha Sağbaş, Mehmet Yalgın and Seher Dalbastı who have accepted to make this possible so generously from their hearts. So come and support this double musical project!

Here is the full program:arplipazarlar_sirin

23 October 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“World Polio Day Awareness Concert”

Şirin Pancaroğlu, harp

arplipazarlar_6kasim-016 November 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“In Memory of Atatürk”

Bora Uymaz, vocal

Şirin Pancaroğlu, harp

Mete Aslan, ud

arplipazarlar_18aralik-0118 December 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“In the Wings of Songs”

Ayşe Sezerman, soprano

Şirin Pancaroğlu, harp

arplipazarlar_12mart-0112 March 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“Women Composers”

Bora Uymaz, vocal

Seher Dalbastı, vocal

Mehmet Yalgın, kemençe

Şirin Pancaroğlu, harp
Reha Sağbaş, kanun

arplipazarlar_2nisan-012 April 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“Spring Awakening”

Elif  Yurdakul, flute

Şirin Pancaroğlu, harp

arplipazarlar_14mayis-0114 May 2016 Sunday, 17:00

“Youth Concert”

Eva Tomsic, harp

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