Music for Mothers

Music and function is an important matter I feel. It is a way of integrating more music in our lives. Having fuller rituals and a possibility to reflect more. So inspired by Mothers’ DayI have been working on a new project with colleagues and very to happy to introduce it on Mothers’ Day 2018. The […]

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Atatürk and Music

One of my newest projects, Atatürk and Music, which is now in its second year, is highly emotional for me and with audiences in Turkey

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One Harp, A Thousand Worlds / Bir Arp, Bin Alem

A new solo project with a focus on the world of the harp with music from different cultures / Arpın dünyasının çeşitliliğini ve çok kültürlüğünü tattıran yeni solo proje.

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Cafe Tango

Cafe Tango is a semi-staged show featuring musicians, dancers and an actor in an imaginary cafe. It features a mix of tango music from Argentina as well as from Turkey, old and new.



A tiny Middle-Eastern lap-harp, by the name of çeng which had dissapeared in 17th century is resurrected from its ashes to display its unique sound. This project aims to higlight the çeng through a collaboration between some of the finest specialists of Turkish music.

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