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cafetango-10Cafe Tango is a half-staged tango project I have created at the end of 2010. The scene is set as a cafe, somewhere not too defined, where a waiter is preparing to open the house. Slowly, lights come up and customers (whom we find out are actually musicians) enter one by and take their seats and instruments as they greet eachother. Gradually, the music fills the space. Two tables in a corner wait for more customers who turn out to be a couple and a young man who is a singer, whom later reveals himself also as a composer by handing out some music fresh out of the oven! Musicians frown at the sight of his music but after a few attempts, a soaring vocal tango comes into being.

A few numbers down, the couple will lean to a shoe bag to put on their dance shoes and take to the center stage for a waltz, milonga or tango…unaware of an audience watching them, musicians, an actor, a singer and dancers play and dance for themselves in this cafe.

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Tango has always been popular in Turkey but today, Istanbul is second in the world right after Buenos Aires when it comes to dancing. Featuring flutists Elif Yurdakul or Amra Sağbaş on the flute, Mete Aslan on the ud and the wonderful Carlos Gustavo Battistessa on the bandoneon, myself on the harp and a very fine jazz musician, Volkan Hursever, on the bass,  the basic band is a quintett. On top of that comes Bora Uymaz, a singer I have come to know about two years ago, whose voice has the perfect  vocal color one expects in tangos: velvety, nostalgic yet powerful. There is the waiter of the cafe…who is behind his apron, and very fine musician!

(ve diğerleri) (11)Cafe Tango features a mix of tango music from Argentina as well as from Turkey, old and new. Since the popular Turkish tangos are at least several decades old, we decided to seize the day with new tangos written by Bora and myself.  Cafe Tango CD was released on Kalan label in December 2014.

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