Resonating Universes


‘Resonating Universes’ is a collaboration with electronic music composer Erdem Helvacıoğlu. The project is based on the wealth of sound potential of the harp. It brings together sound-sculpting electronica with the historical Turkish harp (the çeng),  pedal harp and electric harp. A work classified in the category of new music, it blends however, elements from various traditions and approaches such as early music, new music, free improvisations, drone, noise, electroacoustic and electronica in a dramatic concert format.


“…outstanding collaborative work…. both Helvacioglu and Pancaroglu have produced a recording that contains many hidden subtleties to discover and admire…. portrait of two outstanding Turkish musicians, this compact suite of eight pieces is highly recommended.”-Alistair Zaldua, Array Magazine January 2013

“In terms of harp repertoire, “Resonating Universes” work holds a unique position. It is a true sonic journey, and it makes use of the harp in ways that the average listener – and probably the average harpist – is not accustomed. In short, “Resonating Universes” really creates a new medium, a new sound-space, in which the harp can exist.It is no longer an instrument on which to simply play music – it is now a complete universe of sound itself.”-Garrett Byrnes, composer, USA.

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