On a break with Mehmet, Yavuz, Bora and myself…

Şimdi Ensemble of which I am a member was in the recording studio in Istanbul last week for our first CD. We recorded sufi music of anonymous origin as well as our own compositions.  Şimdi is dedicated to performing mystic music with a new understanding while following the centuries old tradition in Anatolia. Founded by singer and composer Bora Uymaz it features ney player Yavuz Akalın, kemençe player Mehmet Yalgın all of whom are from Izmir. Hasan Kiriş the young and talented tanbur player from Osmaniye (near Adana) joined us from Istanbul as well as Volkan Ergen,  percussionist….Volkan amazed us all as he turned out to be a master of recording technologies. I play the lever harp in the ensemble.

Bora who is credited as the most knowledgeable of his generation when it comes to mystic music made sessions absolutely a delight for all of us. He has acted as our musical director.

Bora with Michel Godard
Bora with Michel Godard

Michel Godard, the fantastic tuba and serpent player from France was with us, as a guest musician. His touch is magic with everything he plays…thanks, Michel.



This is how Volkan came to the studio with all of his percussion

We had 5 days and nights packed with work in the Kalan studios in Beyoglu, situated on the Kumbaraci Street. An old street once home to prints, we really enojyed the street life when peaking our heads out of the studio for air.